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Birthdate:Aug 13
Location:Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Website:Tribal Soul
Around these parts I go by my Druid name, Eardcwēn. I am a animist first and foremost and a squishy polytheist secondarily, which means I believe all things have a soul (trees, animals, humans, rocks etc) and I not only believe in many deities, but I generally think (with some exceptions) that all of the are individuals rather than facets or archetypes of One Big God (or a God and a Goddess).

I am a candidate of the AODA partaking in their First Degree training. You can follow along with my progress on a weekly basis at my [personal profile] eardcwen journal or follow the polished version I am piecing together for my assessment over here at my wordpress Home Among The Gumtrees which will be update much more slowly, but with polished write ups and essays instead of blabbing on about what goals I met and what I need to work on better for the next week.

This journal is a place where I talk about daily randomness, under-developed spiritual musings, local plant and animal life, crafts, daily life and such but always aeems to focus on spirituality and/or nature mostly because it has become such a large part of my life lately.
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