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Firstly, I am an animist and a polytheist.

Animists believe that everything – humans, animals, rocks, plants, the weather – everything has a spirit or a soul. I view this as a spark of the energy from the Source that I spoke about in my Cosmology post before this. It is an energy and certain kinds of ‘intelligence’ that we can sense and communicate with because we too are a spark of the Source and everything is connected.

Polytheists are people who believe in multiple Gods and Goddesses and view as individual entities with their own personalities and their own agendas and not just archetypes for a male and a female energy/deity such as The God and The Goddess in Wicca. There are varying degrees of Polytheism spanning from Hard Polytheists believing that gods are distinct, separate real divine beings not psychological archetypes or personifications of natural forces to Soft Polytheism, which holds that Gods may be aspects of only one God, or a God and a Goddess, psychological archetypes or personifications of natural forces.

Up until recently I considered myself a hard polytheist, I certainly do believe the Gods are separate beings and not archetypes, but I also leave some wiggle room in that theory to leave space for migration and cultural intermarrying. I don’t believe that Odin, Wotan and Wodan are all different Gods, I believe they are all the same, but with a different name and slight variances in perception that change from culture to culture. That being said, though they have some similarities to them, I would not go so far as to say Freyja is also Aphrodite or that Njord and Poseidon are one. Of course, I may be wrong… I have never met Poseidon or Venus. It is purely on a prominent instinctual prompt that I draw those lines. When I think about the possibility of Freyja being Aphrodite I feel a strong tug in my gut and a firm “No” impression that is outside my own thoughts.

The way I view it the Jotun are spiritual beings which are linked to primal elements of the Universe, the most obvious being the Fire and the Frost Giants spoken about in Norse Mythology. I believe these to be the first spirits in existence, which is backed up by lore speaking of Ymir, the first Frost Giant. As the worlds evolved I believe the next tribe of spirits to emerge were the Vanir. The Jotun and the Vanir are what I believe the pre-Indo-Europeans worshiped before the Aesir moved into town. The Jotun and Vanir are both heavily rooted in nature, whereas the Aesir seem to be more about human society, which is where I base my assumption. The way I kind of think of it in my head is as follows:
The Source

The Jotun/Etins/Primal Forces

The Vanir and The Aseir

Elves, Dwarves, Wights, Ancestors


The way I see it is that the Source is just way to vast and complex for us to understand in a practical manner. The Gods are a bit closer to us and easier (though, still plenty complex!) for us to communicate with.

I dont believe the Gods are omnipresent, omnipotent or omniscient. They have more power that humankind, but the only one running the Universe is the Source itself, which even the Gods are bound by.
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