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As a modern Pagan I inclined to believe the Universe was physically brought into existence by the Big Bang followed by cosmic inflation some 13-odd-billion years ago.

Metaphysical cosmology isn’t something I have delved into too deeply, but I have a idea that works for me currently (which is always subject to change, of course).

I believe there is a source of energy from which all the universe is born and will return. Some people call it the All or the Great Spirit. I just call it the Source. I view the Big Bang as a physical result of the Source willing itself into existence. I don’t believe the Source is necessarily a ‘sentient’ force, but to completely honest I don’t believe that it is not, either. It just is. It is not good or evil, it is nature in it’s purest force. It is creation, destruction and rebirth and all cycles of life adhere to this force of the Universe.

For now I ascribe to the theory of three realms; The Underworld/Sea, The Upperworld/Sky and Middleworld/Land. Within these worlds I see the seven worlds of the Anglo-Saxon’s cosmology* arranged as follows:

The Upperworld holds the worlds of the Gods (‘Asgard’ and ‘Vanaheim’)

Between the Upper and Middle realms lies the world of the elves (‘Alfheim’)

The Middleworld holds the world of humans and our flora and fauna. (‘Midgard’)

Between the Middle and Under worlds lies the world of the dwarves (‘Svartálfaheim’) and the world of the Giants (‘Jotunheim’)

The Underworld holds the world of the dead (‘Helheim’)

At the center of the cosmos is the World Tree, or the axis-mundi that balances the worlds and provides transportation between.

As you can see, my ideas of cosmology are bare-boned, but as my practice is leaning more and more towards shamanistic practices I am finding metaphysical cosmology a more important topic to explore.

*Note: Currently my theory on why the Anglo-Saxon’s seemed to believe in 7 worlds rather than 9 like the Norse is that Muspelheim and Niflheim collided to produce the Big Bang and were deconstructed in the creation of the universe.
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