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I was raised in an agnostic household by parents who flirted with the Spiritualist/New Age movement in the 70′s. Religion wasn’t a prominent part of my growing up, but my parents taught me that being a compassionate, honest person with integrity is important and my grandmother taught me to be kind to the earth. I have many memories of visiting her at her apartment near the beach and her explaining to me how literally hugging trees was good for both the health of the tree and myself and how I should try not to kill harmless bugs because of the natural order of things and their place in the eco-system.

My grandmother was a very liberal Catholic woman, and though she believes in God, she isn’t particular a Church goer. After all, this is a woman who divorced my Grandfather because he was an abusive alcoholic to protect her five children. The Church may not have supported her in that decision, but I think God would have accepted her choice to leave for the safety of herself and her children.

Since I was a toddler I remember having an intense love for animals and nature and protecting those things were really important to me. I felt like I was apart of nature and I remember running around when I was a child pretending I was a faery and I was a friend and protector of the plants and animals. I used to tell my mother I could speak to them.

Nature has always been sacred to me and it has been until I came back to it that I have realized that I have been Pagan all of my life. I’ve tried formalized religion such as Wicca, but I felt the God and the Goddess to be as unreachable as I found the Christian God to be when I was younger. I spent a long time trying to find Deity of some kind and it wasn’t until I stopped looking and started to focus on the things around me more that I actually found Deity in a place I had never thought of looking – within the Germanic Gods.

My beliefs to this day are still heavily focused in being close to and caring for the land and by extension, honoring relationships with the spirits of the land also. I also have begun deepening my relationships with the Gods and trying to live true to their wisdom. I believe that the 9 virtues that the ADF hold to are incredibly valuable to living a good life and I try my best to strive for wisdom, piety, vision, courage, integrity, perseverance, hospitality, moderation and fertility of body, mind and soul.

The Pagan mindset and philosophy resonates with me because it is what has been always true to my spirit, is free of dogma and guilt (or should be, ideally) and it has a focus on keeping nature sacred and healthy, which is what we all need to focus on if this planet of ours is to have a chance to survive the damage our race has caused it. It reminds us that we are a part of nature and we should respect that, not remove ourselves from it. We should develop a symbiotic relationship with all life, not try to dominate it. We humans tend to think the word revolves around us, but the philosophy of paganism reminds us that we are nothing without the natural world in balance. I think more people should remember this and I think that this mindset is what is drawing more and more people out of the Churches and off of their couches and into nature. We want to get back to nature and back to the way of the people who really knew the world around them.

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Date: 2010-09-27 07:20 am (UTC)
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Yes, I like this post, and agree with much of what you've said about getting back to nature. So, so important.


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