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I sat here sitting at my monitor or so damn long, not knowing where to even start. Birth seems the obvious, right?  But I have this personality trait where I tend to over-think and analyze and re-analyze these kinds of thing and it leaves my brain going in circles. So I'm just going to start typing rather than thinking and see where this goes...

I am pro-choice, all the way - I think I woman should have the right to terminate her pregnancy if she chooses to. I really love the way that [personal profile] flameinbloom  put it in her post, "why should a woman's uterus be allowed to kill a fetus but not a woman?. It's not that I don't think life is a sacred gift (it most certainly is), it's more that I see so many people bring children into the world without being equipped to teach them adequately. Now be have generation after generation of... well, morons. There, I said it. Part of this is that we are influenced by our family's orlog, which is directly noticeable - we are a product of our upbringing, as are our parents and our parents parents and so on. But we have the ability to change our orlog by our choices, albeit is is more difficult that floating along the trail left by your parents. I used to get so angry at the amount of people I would see verbally/physically abusing their children, being completely irresponsible or putting their own selfish needs (or in some cases, addictions...) before the basic needs of their own children. What is the world coming to when children need protecting from their own parents? I half-joking suggested to my mother once in my late teens that the government should implant us at birth with a chip that effectively made men and women sterile until they had the physical and mental needs required to give a child a fare life. My mother laughed at me and said it was a interesting theory, but she feared if it was reality that the human race may be facing near extinction. In my late teen angsty aversion to the human race kind of way half-jokingly suggested that maybe that was the solution to saving the world. I'm a little less hardcore about it, but the core issues I have with the imbalance of birth and death in this day and age still remain with me.

Right alongside birth comes one of my favorite things in life... sex! You can't give birth without the good stuff. I think that Christianity's huge taboo with sex being sinful and something to be ashamed of is something that has really screwed with the human psyche... on one hand we have clergy who are so prudish that they are unable to even enjoy sex after marriage, or sex is such a taboo subject that no one is teaching people how to do it responsibly and there are sexual transmitted diseases running as rampantly around as the common cold. Then we have the other side of the spectrum... the western media is a perfect example of sex-obsessed imagery and talk that in any other situation would be considered completely crossing a line. I see 10 years old wearing heels, painted in more make up than even I wear at the best of times strutting about singing songs about getting hot and heavy and giving blowjobs. I'm sorry, but doesn't anyone else find that inappropriate?

Sex should not be a hush-hush topic, I believe that children should knows it exist, that babies can comes from having sex and it should be done responsibly and at the very least, perhaps you will have taught them to partake in sex safely.

Death is another taboo topic that is often not spoken about and often not viewed in a healthy way, causing far too much damage to the living left behind. It is a a out-of-sight, out-of-mind kind of topic and I can understand that - death is a little scary. No one really knows what happens when you die, we have our theories, but we're not going to be able to prove them, even after we die and find out the big secret to it all! The unknown is scary, but just as ignoring other instabilities is not health, ignoring death is unhealthy. It happens. It's a part of life that we should respect, try to accept and not sweep under the rug or try to run from it - it is a vital part of life and without it we could not appreciate life.

The afterlife is a little redundant for me to worry about, since I believe the focus of life is to live it, not worry about if you're going to be sent to hell or live your next life as a cancer victim or a dung beetle. Sure, I have a few ideas that seem to appeal to my senses, but in the scheme of things it's not really all that important to way of living. I think that generally when you die you body returns to the earth and your spirit has a few options. If you are a devotee of a certain deity, I believe your soul may be absorbed by them, adding to their own spirit. Perhaps you will stay behind as an Ancestral guide, or if you are too emotionally tied to something in the 'living' world, perhaps you stick around as a ghost. Perhaps you return to the Source to be injected back into the swirling pool of other souls where your spirit will be transformed into something new such as a tree, or an animal of some kind. I don't believe that the spirit stays intact every time it is 'reborn'. When you go back into the Source to get recycled, you are combine together with the entire energy of the source - billions upon billions of other spirits. So part of your soul might help make up a tree, or a bird or a spider or a rock, but it won't be ALL of you, and as such I don't think we retain memory of it. I do think that some people are reincarnated into human life again, especially those who have unfinished goals to accomplish, oaths to fulfill or something to learn before bringing it back to the Source. But like I said, I live my life fully because it could be the only life I get. I am here now, and this is what I know, so what reason do I have not to make the very best of it?


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